J N Residential Inc Remodeled Kitchen 1
J N Residential Inc Remodeled Bathroom
J N Residential Inc Remodeled House
J N Residential Inc Remodeled Bathroom
J N Residential Inc Remodeled Bathroom
J N Residential Inc Remodeled Kitchen 1
J N Residential Inc Remodeled Bathroom
J N Residential Inc Remodeled House
J N Residential Inc Remodeled Bathroom
J N Residential Inc Remodeled Bathroom

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Kitchen Remodeling in Woodstock

In the world of home improvement, two rooms stand above the rest in terms of popularity and return on investment. They are the kitchen and the bathroom. These two rooms get the most use in any home, and there’s a lot that goes into them. Because of this, it’s important to hire a renovation contractor who knows what they’re doing. At J N Residential, we not only offer over 30 years of experience in the industry, we are recommended by the Houzz community by being awarded “Best of Houzz” three times. A Wellborn Cabinet Inc. authorized contractor, we’ve created long-lasting relationships in our industry and in the Woodstock community that help us continue to produce high-quality work for all our clients.

Quality Workmanship

Kitchen renovations require a high level of quality workmanship. We’ve made it our mission at J N Residential to provide this for all of our Woodstock clients.

Masters of a wide range of styles, we understand the importance of keeping up on design trends to assist our clients in making decisions during their home renovation.

  • Farmhouse
  • Modern
  • Cottage
  • Contemporary
  • French country
  • Old World

For every unique client and home, there is a unique kitchen ready to be created!

About J N Residential Inc Remodeling

Down to the Last Detail

From start to finish, the J N Residential team is there for you. Our complete services begin at the design phase and carry through all the way to cleanup. We’re not finished until you’re satisfied!

  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Countertops
  • Backsplashes
  • Flooring
  • Lighting

Whether you’re looking to update an existing look our do a complete teardown and rebuild, we’re up for the challenge.

  • Time and Cost-Efficient
  • It’s no secret that home remodeling can get pretty pricey, and that it’s easy to spend a lot on your kitchen. At J N Residential, we believe in offering competitive pricing and getting the job done within your desired timeframe.

    By employing a remodeling contractor, you’ll also save on materials because of our long-standing relationships throughout the local industry.

    Also remember that if you choose to sell your home, a beautifully renovated kitchen will give you the best return on investment of any home renovation, sometimes earning back more than it cost to begin with.

    Ten Benefits of Kitchen Remodeling

    As the old saying goes, sometimes you really do have to speculate to accumulate, and there’s no doubt about it, a full-fledged kitchen remodel is not for nothing. However, if you want to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck, then you need to contact J N Residential Inc today and let our skilled and dedicated team of remodeling specialists outline how our remodeling service can benefit your Woodstock home.

    As passionate purveyors of kitchen remodels of all types, our dedicated team can enhance the look and feel of the most important room in your home in no time at all. We take what we do very seriously and this means that we can guarantee the best results for our Woodstock clients in no time at all. With that in mind, the following ten benefits are what you will receive once you contact J N Residential Inc for your remodel needs.

    1. Improved Functionality: There are several things that our kitchen remodel specialists at J N Residential Inc. can do to improve your kitchen’s overall functionality. For instance, adding more cabinets or extending existing cabinets can help increase the storage space in your kitchen while also adding a new visual feature that looks amazing! Or if you want to go one step further, then knocking down a wall between the kitchen and the living room can allow you to add extra counter space. On top of that, upgrading your lighting fixtures is a simple step that can make your kitchen a far more functional space.
    2. Reduced Energy Costs: A great way of reducing your energy costs is by remodeling your kitchen with J N Residential Inc. Our dedicated team can give valuable advice on more energy efficient appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers, while we can assist in transitioning your kitchen away from traditional lights in favor of LED models.
    3. Enhanced Sustainability: While the upgrading of kitchen lights and appliances is definitely a great way of making your kitchen eco-friendlier and energy efficient, it is not the only thing you can do. Installing low-flow faucets to reduce water usage is another good idea in this respect. Similarly using sustainable materials such as bamboo, salvaged wood or recycled materials for countertops and cabinets is another great way of making your kitchen more sustainable.
    4. Updated Look: If your kitchen is still operating functionally but is visually trapped in the 1970s, then it might be time for a change. Many Woodstock homeowners don’t realize this, but you can change the entire appearance of your kitchen by simply re-painting some walls and cabinets, or maybe even upgrading your cabinet hardware. Alternatively, you could go the extra mile and install new countertops and floors from scratch!

    Turning an outdated part of your home into an updated masterpiece is a great goal for any homeowner. Get ready to save on energy bills, have a great return on investment, and of course enjoy your new custom kitchen, all when you hire J N Residential for your renovation.

    1. Improved Safety: Upgrading outdated kitchen appliances, floor tiles and furniture is not only a sure-fire way of breathing new life into your kitchen’s look and feel, it can also enhance the safety features. The installation of a wall oven can also help prevent injuries caused by physical overexertion and this, again, increases your and your family’s safety.
    2. Increased Value: As the most important room in your Woodstock home, it stands to reason that you will want your kitchen to look its very best at all times. A great way of achieving this goal is by investing in a kitchen remodel from J N Residential Inc. Not only is this a great idea in the short-term, it is also an extremely efficient way of enhancing the re-sale value for your home. If you ask any real estate agent worth their salt, they will all tell you the same thing: home-buyers are willing to pay a higher price for homes with modern and attractive kitchen designs than those that don’t possess the same esthetic qualities.
    3. Customized Style: If you want to put an individual stamp and sense of identity on your kitchen, then you could do a lot worse than invest in a high-quality kitchen remodel from J N Residential Inc. The chances are that if you are like many of our residential clients in Woodstock, then your home’s kitchen wasn’t exactly what you wanted when you moved in. Our superior remodeling service provides you with the opportunity to create the exact look, style and environment you want.
    4. Decluttered Space: Having your kitchen remodeled by us at J N Residential Inc. is a surefire way of enhancing its overall look and feel. On top of that, remodeling allows you to declutter the space in your kitchen as well as get rid of dingy surfaces and any other unnecessary elements in your kitchen quickly and effectively. On top of that, if your current kitchen feels cramped, then a new kitchen floor plan could help fix this problem quickly and effectively.
    5. Increased Efficiency: Chances are that if you are preparing and cooking your daily meals in an older kitchen with outdated fittings and appliances, then you are likely wasting a bunch of time with outdated technology that could be better spent elsewhere. A kitchen remodel from us at J N Residential Inc. will dramatically decrease the time it takes for you to prepare your meals, thereby allowing you to spend more time actually enjoying these delicious dishes with your family and friends.
    6. Improved Sale Time: If you are looking to sell you Woodstock home and don’t have very much time to do so, then you’ll want a kitchen remodel from us at J N Residential Inc. The simple fact of the matter is that an updated and state-of-the-art kitchen will help you speed up the process of finding a willing buyer for your property—and that’s never a bad idea, right?

    Reputable Professionals

    With over 30 years of experience, the Woodstock community has taken notice of J N Residential. We treat clients like a part of our family, and our greatest satisfaction is when we can return to a household to continue renovations over the years.

    Home remodeling is our passion, and kitchen renovations challenge and excite us the most.

    Always working within the specifications of our clients and keeping your kitchen up to code, we ensure that your home improvements get done properly, and within a reasonable time frame.

    Give us a call today to talk about your kitchen renovation and get a free, no-obligation quote for our services!

    About J N Residential Inc Remodeling